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Reaper Madness

So my good friend Chris stopped over the other day to let me borrow some of his equipment for my home studio.  I’ll be using a Blue Yeti cardioid omni-directional microphone with a USB connection.  I’m still looking for my… Continue Reading →

How Did I Get Here?

On a cold January evening I sat at my grandmother’s dinning room table picking at her lace tablecloth.  It seemed odd, that only a month before I was right here chatting for several hours while waiting for my insurance claim… Continue Reading →

Demo is Finished!

The first rule of voiceover…is to not talk about voiceover. Only joking…this isn’t Fight Club. The first rule is…have a demo.  The past few months I’ve spent many hours in the recording booth at Market Street Sound with voice actor… Continue Reading →

What is the Ansible?

Welcome!  Howdy!  Greetings! With this being the first post, I supposed I should explain a few things.  You may be wondering, “what is the ansible?” The ansible is mentioned in the Orson Scott Card science fiction novel, Enders Game.  I… Continue Reading →

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