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Awkward moments in life: email subscriptions

When you think you’ve subscribed to a daily email from a men’s fitness website, only to discover that today’s headline; “What Happens If You Don’t Wear a Sports Bra” shows up in your inbox.  You then realize you’ve made a… Continue Reading →

Awkward moments in life: wrong price at the checkout counter

Me (at the checkout counter):  This is great!  I need these rubber o-rings and I see they’re marked as 50% off! Checkout Girl:  Yeah Me:  I figured I’d buy two if they’re on sale.  I mean, what the heck right?… Continue Reading →

Awkward moments in life: the wave

I’m walking out of the lunch room at work today and a guy who I work with, but don’t very well, says “hey”, and raises his hand to wave at me.  The problem was that he was only like 3… Continue Reading →

Wedding Season

As we make our way into July, it is of course, the height of wedding season.  I have had the honor and privilege of being the best man in three weddings.  Each man has meant something different in my life,… Continue Reading →

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