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Pearl of Banks Island

– March – Crunch. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The heavy crust of the frozen surface of fresh snow crumbles and gives way as Pearl’s massive paws and her 180 pound frame leave deep tracks behind her.  But as Pearl crunches through… Continue Reading →

Awkward moments in life: email subscriptions

When you think you’ve subscribed to a daily email from a men’s fitness website, only to discover that today’s headline; “What Happens If You Don’t Wear a Sports Bra” shows up in your inbox.  You then realize you’ve made a… Continue Reading →

1st and Amistad – Part II

Part II I stumbled back a step or two as if punched in the gut, and then stood frozen. The mysterious little girl began playing with her doll, it’s black hair matching her own.  She began marching it up her… Continue Reading →

Awkward moments in life: wrong price at the checkout counter

Me (at the checkout counter):  This is great!  I need these rubber o-rings and I see they’re marked as 50% off! Checkout Girl:  Yeah Me:  I figured I’d buy two if they’re on sale.  I mean, what the heck right?… Continue Reading →

Awkward moments in life: the wave

I’m walking out of the lunch room at work today and a guy who I work with, but don’t very well, says “hey”, and raises his hand to wave at me.  The problem was that he was only like 3… Continue Reading →

1st and Amistad

“St. Thomas Aquinas, the premier theologian in the Catholic Church, explains this paradox as follows: If a person lives according to the natural law written on his heart, God will send him a means of knowing the truth by either… Continue Reading →

Back When We Were Cowboys

“I hate these elevators,” Cameron grumbled to himself. The Good Morning Sunshine Nursing Home did not have the best elevators.  They were a dull lime green, almost mint, in the dimly lit interior.  They never worked.  Plus they smelled funny. … Continue Reading →

Fiction Friday!!!!

Geez, two months in and I’m only just now getting to posting some of my short stories!?!?  Man, where does the time go?  So one of the uses of this blog (besides my own voice over musings), is I wanted… Continue Reading →

Recording Booth

“I want to build a little room right here,” I said, waving my hands frantically up and down.  Like one of those guys at the airport who stand on the runway with the bright vests and orange flashlights. My friend… Continue Reading →

Wedding Season

As we make our way into July, it is of course, the height of wedding season.  I have had the honor and privilege of being the best man in three weddings.  Each man has meant something different in my life,… Continue Reading →

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